Concerts of the Old Steamboat Jazz Band

Regular concerts

Charleston in Jindřichův Hradec
Concert in spa Aurora

Close concerts

when where what
6/2/2018 Bošilec wedding
6/16/2018 from 8:00pm Brno (Prigl) steamboat ride
6/22/2018 from 6:00pm Jindřichův Hradec (stage under the high school) concert
7/14/2018 from 2:00pm České Budějvice (place) dancing ball
7/29/2018 from 10:00am Pelhřimov (place) promenade concert
8/12/2018 from 3:00pm Týn nad Vltavou Gallery
11/10/2018 Jindřichův Hradec (Střelnice) anniversary evening 30 years of the Old Steamboat

Passed concerts

when where what
4/28/2018 Ledeč nad Sázavou (cafe Kovárna) concert
4/24/2018 Praha birthday party
4/20/2018 from 8:00pm Liberec (restaurant U Košků) Charleston
8/27/2016 Pelhřimov (Váňův statek) wedding
8/21/2016 from 7:00pm Jindřichův Hradec (Museum of Photography) concert
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