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The Old Steamboat jazz band, the group of men who are fallen in love with jazz, was founded in autumn 1987. From the first concert, dated at 29th april 1988, the band still hasn't stopped playing.

The biggest achievements counts representation of the Czech Republic at exposition EXPO 2000 in Hannover, invitation to Czech ambassy in London and establishing the tradition of traditional ball named Charleston. Charleston was founded in parent town of the band - beautiful and classical Jindřichův Hradec (on the south of Bohemia).

Usage of the band is various, including concerts, parties, vernissages, soirees and many others. The band concerts periodically in spa Aurora at Třeboň town since 2003.


name musical instrument
Lumír Rataj trumpet, vocal
Lucka Zemanová vocal
David Štrobl clarinet, sax, vocal
Jindřich Melichar trombone, vocal
Zdeněk Uher banjo, guitar
Petr Pospíchal tuba, bassguitar
Václav Švec drums
Josef Filip piano

Stage plan

Stage plan for download in format PDF

Stage plan Old Steamboat Jazz Band

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